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I grinned, eager to spread my passion.If I were there, I would be able to hold my ground and lie my ass off convincingly to keep Karen in the dark, but that is not the kind of person a submissive is. Mel and Aud, all of us for that matter, were deeply in debt to Karen for allowing Mel and Aud into her home during the divorce process and as such, they felt obligated to come clean when Karen confronted them, to make Karen happy, as it were, since I wasn't there to take the reigns.Sounds lovely doesn't it?He anxiously waited until he thought she was sound asleep before sneaking into her back yard.It was a Christmas gift from one of my aunts.She took that long chain in her hands.The door was open, and she saw three guys sitting at a table, playing cards, sipping whiskey, and shooting the crap.She could Free XXX Tube see the confusion on my face and pointed to Mom, in her sky blue turtleneck and jeans cupping her shapely ass.Patricia looked back at Alicia.found him in his bathrobe when she arrived she we

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