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‘Why do you say that?’ ‘Because I suspect that he puts you down because he knows how attractive you are which makes him insecure and in turn you crave attention to make up for how he makes you feel’.After she left I had some people, just enough to keep me busy, but I did get all of my work done and closed at a good time.I was only 23 at the time and had worked for the company for just over a year.The combination of me milking him while my tongue was fucking his ass was too much, in seconds he let out an almighty roar as he came all over his white sheets.“That feels good,” I purr as he begins to massage my breasts and tweak my nipples."ok..."They were branded and taken to auctionYou earned it.Just when she couldn’t take any more, the tingles lessened, as she kissed her lover passionately, enjoying the last vestiges of her orgasm.She felt amazonian strength on her shoulders and was forced to her knees.“Uggg, I am so fucking close….shiiiiit!”“Harder isn’t it, but t