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We could probably put you under our fleet program if you were to buy more than THREE vehicles all total,” he tells me. I like what he’s saying.Thankfully that attempt was aborted by the combined efforts of Marty’s many business friends and things returned to normal, just with a very able assistant to Marty taken on to carry some of the load in getting this total community off of the ground.“You know I’m dating Julia now right?” he asked.And while we kissed, I felt something that made me go so so crazy!But they didn’t want a baby on board, or to have their toy disfigured with an unsightly swollen belly.I kept wanting to take Sami back to our hidden spot again, but by now the area was crowded with other hikers and tourists.His pants were completely open, but unlike me, who had worn underwear that day, he hadn't.“She didn't see me as an object to fuck.“Ahhhh,” she sighed.After a couple of sips of wine Jenny asked if I minded if she took her dress off, She said that she