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I mean, guys, wanting to see me. I don't know, it, you know, just turns me on," she finished with a shrug.Tell ya what.Then they changed again.An alpha who possessed the audacity to come into my territory to take my pack.Coach blows the whistle.I was so glad I got the courage to love him tonight.Feeling no pain at this point, I stumbled down the hall to the master bedroom.Neither Mary or I got much sleep that night.Normally each of them would have been too embarrassed for these actions . . .“I do; I mean we do sir.”After we polished off the chips, the awkwardness was mostly gone, but we didn’t dare bring up what just happened for fear of recreating the awkward moment.The next day their landlord came round, Mr Johnson, he was an fat oldish man who Tracey had never liked.When she looked at her screen to push # to make the recording start over, she realized that her phone had dropped the call.Jon was really going to hurt me. As the tenth stroke landed I let out a little scream.Corri