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“Do you have any guesses?” I asked Gloria, “about how Night Eyes does what she does?”“P-promise?” She asked, voice heavy with the need to sleep.It almost made him want to fall asleep.If the device had to be inserted in, or extracted from the girl’s vagina or anus then again, it was a lab coat that did it.The rest of her body slowly followed, thankfully clothed in her pajamas this time.Rebecca dropped her legs and sat up.She took off her maroon leggings and panties."She's not a dirt cleaner!Before you read this part I strongly suggest that you read the previous part.I just wanted to lie here forever.I was so far gone I had no control over what happened next.“I'm skilled at laying pipes!”I grabbed Lucy and shoved my tongue down her throat.As the disorganization in the kitchen began to take on some semblance of shape and continuity, indicating that the crew was getting ready to regroup for the next gaming session, Lissa abruptly stopped her conversation to look out into

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