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We go back and forth several times through texting, and she finally asked for a face pic.So I’m sitting here contemplating if I want to tell you certain other things we’ve done.Oh Yes!Mark mulled it over for a second before answering.At this point I felt I had to say something, but what should I say?Eventually I said to my mother.Like Eli had said, the fish started hitting just as the sun touched the horizon.He would break her eventually, and until then, he would just have a lot of fun with her.But nothing happened.He closes the door.“Is it okay for me to do this?”Bianca gulped, her cheeks grew red, and her eyes began to glimmer.I was sitting on the front porch, just relaxing after a long day of working, when a woman and her black lab came strolling down the sidewalk.Later in the night the twin teens snuggle me. Naked and spent in my bed.“Let Zilpha do it,” Green Sequins whined.I’ll fucking kill you if you try!Though, as before, I found I could heal their wounds with a to

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